Indie / Unsigned: $250 per song

This is the same as a Standard Mix, but without any of the frills for those who are on less than an indie/unsigned budget and need to cut some corners. This is what most studios call a regular mix so their fee looks more attractive. If you are attempting a commercial release, a Standard Mix is recommended. If you can’t afford a Standard Mix, the Budget Mix is your next best option.

A Budget Mix includes the following:
• One day of total mix time
• Main mix pass
• One revision and client approval
• Single song mastering
• Secure upload of masters
• Accredited engineer

The following services may be added:
• Additional mix time in excess of 8 hours (hourly)
• Additional mix passes ($20 each)
• Additional revisions (hourly with $30 minimum per revision)
• Vocal tuning (hourly)**

Multiple song discounts:
• EPs of 4+ songs: 5% discount
• Albums of 8+ songs: 10% discount

Multiple song discounts require all song multi-tracks to be delivered before mixing begins.

** Vocal tuning is the producer’s job. A Budget Mix does not allow enough time to fully tune a record without drastically sacrificing the overall quality of the mix. Therefore, vocal tuning is not included with a Budget Mix. If, during the course of mixing, it becomes clear that your producer has made a mistake and you really DO need vocal tuning, you will have the option of having it done at the hourly rate.