Mastering: $40 per song

Did you just finish recording your latest hit? Does it lack that professional shine, loudness and sweetness, width & depth of field of the music you hear on the radio or on your favorite albums. Does it not stand up to commercial tracks when you compare them side by side? We can fix that!  Have your music professionally mastered  in our state of the art recording & mastering studio in Hollywood, California. We use industry standard equipment and vintage gear some studios can only dream of. With over 15 years experience our mastering engineers understand how to achieve the best sound for your song!

“We understand the loudness wars and we understand the competition, we know how to get it right for your genre!” Make your song radio ready today and make it sound big!

Mastering Includes:

  • 1 High quality WAV file
  • 1 High quality MP3 (For online use)


  • $10 per revision


Best mastering deal on the web!!!