Affordable Mixing and Mastering



We offer affordable mixing & mastering services to all our clients who are serious about their music. Unlike other websites we offer Professional mixing services and mastering services provided by real Mix engineers & real mastering engineers in their respective studios. The engineers we use are accredited in their fields and offer this affordable service as part of our affiliation with them. Our Online Mixing and Mastering services have a quick turn around and all projects can be delivered via cloud or dropbox.

To get your songs professionally mixed and mastered for that professional radio-ready sound follow these 3 simple steps…

  1. Email to start the process & tell us about your project (How many songs you need mixed and mastered, what type of mix you want, etc)

  2. Prepare your files for mixing. (Click here for more info)

  3. Pay us via PayPal for the mixing and mastering services. Please see above prices. If your have a large project with more that 3 songs to be mixed and mastered we may be able to offer discounted rates and work with your budget. For more info email the above address.

* REQUIREMENTS: Please make sure you have read the instructions in step 2 to prepare your songs for mixing. This is very important. Should you need assistance in completing the instructions email