Vocals over two-track music: $120 per song
Beat mix from multitrack music: $120 per song

Promo mixes are done at an extremely steep discount (more than half off the hourly rate) by utilizing leftover unbooked studio time when it becomes available. They are designed for things like mixtapes, demos, and producer beats where the quality and cost of a Standard Mix or Budget Mix might be considered ‘overkill’.

A Promo Mix includes the following:
• Just under 2 hours to just over 3 hours of total mix time.
• Main mix pass
• Upload of masters
• Accredited engineer

Optional: Revisions $30 per revision

Mastering: If you wish to have your promo mix mastered, add an additional $30 per song (saving $10 off the standard mastering rate of $40)

Multiple song discounts:
• EPs of 4+ songs: 5% discount
• Albums of 8+ songs: 10% discount

Multiple song discounts require all song multi-tracks to be delivered before mixing begins.