Indie / Unsigned: $550 $299 per song (temporary price, subject to change)

Major Label: $900 per song

This is the real-deal major label mix job and comprises the bulk of the studio’s day to day business. There is absolutely no difference between a Standard Mix for a major label vs. an indie/unsigned artist other than the price. If you are making a commercial release, this is absolutely the best option.

A Standard Mix includes the following:
• One and a half days of total mix time
• All mix passes: main, instrumental, a cappella, tv track, clean
• Unlimited revisions and client approval
• Vocal tuning*
• Single song mastering
• Secure upload of masters
• Accredited engineer

Multiple song discounts:
• EPs of 4+ songs: 5% discount
• Albums of 8+ songs: 10% discount

Multiple song discounts require all song multi-tracks to be delivered before mixing begins.

*  In order to maximize the quality of your record, it is recommended you make sure your producer does his or her full job and tunes your vocals prior to mixing. This way vocal tuning won’t eat into your mixing time.